Rugs Vs Carpeting: Which One is Better?

Many people don’t know the difference between a rug and carpet, with most of them interchanging them. Both of them are soft and comfortable flooring options and can be the perfect way to keep your room cozy. They both serve a different purpose and it is not a good idea to confuse them. Both of the products have their own advantages and disadvantages and it will be up to you to go with a choice that works for you.

Rugs Vs Carpets

Carpets are wall to wall style of floor treatment and will need professional installation and removal. With carpet, you will need to give it contact attention from vacuuming and you will be forced to hire a professional cleaning service if there are extensive damages. Rugs on the other hand cover a small portion of the flooring area and much smaller carpets. This will not cover the entire flooring space. For it to be classified as a rug, it needs to cover 40 square feet or less.


Rugs will add artistic appeal and stylishness into a room and has been used in the past to cover tile, wood, or colored cement floor. Rugs can be used in defining a specific area in the room, giving you the chance to easily switch the d├ęcor scheme, the arrangement of the room, or they appearance by just changing it. A well-placed rug can be used in creating a more cohesive look by bringing together dissimilar furnishing in a large open plan.

Rugs can easily be washed and dried making it the better option for people with allergies. You can have hardwood or tile floor with a rug but still retain the warmth by covering it with a rug where needed. The rug can be easily moved to another area without having to call a professional rug installer. Unsecured rugs can sometimes be a tripping hazard and can easily cause slips and trips more than wall to wall carpet. This can become a hazard for the elderly and can even be a life-threatening event.


Carpeting is properly secured to the floor using flue or tacking strips and doesn’t move easily, create slips, and trips and falls like a rug. There’s a lot of different types of carpets you can get, but basically, a carpet can unify different rooms in your home and can make a small room look bigger than it actually is. Carpet will also add a layer of insulation and warmth to your flooring, making it a good choice for homes with crawling children and the elderly.

With wall to wall carpeting, you will be getting a great option that offers warmth and cushioning beneath your feet. The carpet can be even more comfortable if memory foam pad is beneath it. There is a wide range of styles and colors, meaning you have a good chance to find something you have in mind. When the carpet has been installed, it can take some time before the smell dissipates. High traffic areas will wear out more often and you will also be forced to spend a little more time cleaning.