How to Install Your Own Carpeting

Installing wall-to-wall carpets is not a task that everybody is willing to take-on. It is hard on your back and your knees and if you do not do it correctly it is easy to see where you may have made a mistake. However, the installations of carpets does not require extensive skills and with the use of the right tools that you can rent from just about any tool rental outlet you can install your own carpeting.

How to Install Your Own Carpeting

Getting Ready

The first part involves removing your old carpets. Begin by removing moldings around your floor and take your door off in order to get the old carpets out as well as your new carpets in. Using a utility knife cut up the carpet into strips of about 3 feet wide and then begin pulling on the one end by pulling the carpet away from the tackless-strips and then roll them up in sections. It is advisable to remove the underlay at the same time.

Leave the existing tackstrips but ensure the floor is dry and clean. Use new tackless-strips if you are conducting a brand new construction or when you go over vinyl or hardwood floors. Go around the entire perimeter but leave out the front part of a doorway. Make sure you have left a space of around ½” between the wall and your strips and the tacks or the pins should be facing your walls.

Laying Your Underpad

Now using strips of the underpad lay it down until they reach your tackless strips. The next step involves butting the strips against one another but making sure they do not overlap. Now staple this underlay along inside edges of your tackless strip. Use duct tape in order to seal these seams and trim away any excess underlay.

Laying The Carpet

The installation of a carpet will begin with one piece that will overlap the edges of your floor by around 6 inches. Your overlay can later be trimmed away so that the carpet fits exactly. When cutting the 1st section measure your room and using the longest point add on an extra 6 inches. Now mark at the back part of the carpet on both sides using this measurement and join up these marks using chalk. Now fold your carpet back on itself and cut through your carpet along the straight edge.

The next step will be where your carpet pieces are joining up overlap the pieces and using a seam cutter cut through these pieces making sure that the edges match up. Now center seaming tape along the floor where the carpet pieces will join up making sure you place the tape adhesive side-up. Now use a steam iron along the adhesive followed by butting the edges-together and seal your seams using a carpet-roller.

Attaching The Carpet

Utilize a knee-kicker in order to attach your carpets along one of the edges. This tool is around 18″ in length that features teeth that grip the carpets at one side along with a padded “butt” on the opposite side. Use the tooth side around 3″ away from your wall and now use your knee to drive into the other padded side of this tool. This machine stretches the carpets over your tack-less strip and the tacks will then hold your carpets securely in place.

Overall, this process might seem very simple, but we highly recommend you contact one of our carpet installers here in Atlanta, Georgia if you feel that you can’t complete this work yourself. Many people find this to be very difficult, which is why we recommend hiring a professional installer, so feel free to reach out for some help!