Different Types of Carpeting for Your Home

For any homeowner the urge to improve their most valuable asset 0 their home is almost irresistible. Not only do remodeling projects make the home a more pleasant place for the family to live – but it also not only makes it a more pleasant place for friends to visit and can significantly improve the value of the home.


Different Types of Carpeting

Major remodeling involving structural changes to the home can be extremely costly, however there are other improvements which are extremely good value for money – one of them being the installation of carpeting.

Carpeting has a variety of benefits. Not only is it attractive but also comfortable to walk on and it can save on heating bills by providing an extra insulating material.

The challenge for the home owner is to select the right type of carpet for their individual needs and lifestyle.

So what are the choices when it comes to home carpeting?

When it comes to carpeting there are two main styles to choose from. The first is called ‘loop fiber’. This means that the material is bent into loops. It’s extremely hard wearing – but the lower profile means that it is simply not as soft as other types of carpeting.

The there is ‘cut pile’ carpeting. In this style the manufacturers cut the tops of the yarn. This provides a much softer feel underfoot and the carpeting is much more ‘plush’ than the ‘loop fiber’ option.

The home owner will also be faced with a variety of choices when it comes to the type of fiber that is used in the manufacturing of the carpet.

Firstly there is nylon. This man made fabric is extremely popular due to low cost and extremely hard wearing qualities. However if purchasing nylon carpeting the home owner should ensure that it has been treated to be stain resistant.

Another man made fabric is called Olefin. It’s highly resistant to mold and mildew so makes a great choice in humid climates. However, it does have a downside. It’s not as soft and pleasant to walk on as nylon.

There are also carpets made of acrylic. These are primarily meant as an inexpensive alternative for woolen carpets. However it is certainly not as popular as nylon and can be difficult to source.

The last of the popular materials is wool. This material is used for the manufacture of what could be called the ‘King of Carpeting’. It is simply the best of the bunch. It is incredibly soft and warm underfoot and the luxurious feel is why many people regard it as their first choice in carpeting material. It’s also tough and resists staining. As a bonus – it’s a natural product and is therefore regarded as being far kinder to the environment than man made products.

When choosing a carpeting solution home owners should not believe manufacturers claims of quality. Rather compare the density and weight of the carpeting. Also keep in mind that you’re going to have to keep your carpet clean. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that the right choice is made and that the carpeting will provide an excellent investment as far as lifestyle is concerned.