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Installing carpets in your home is never an easy undertaking. We’ve heard horror stories of people trying to do it themselves, only to find that the job is a lot tougher than they thought, and they ended up voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Besides the difficulty of actually cutting, trimming, stretching, and laying the carpet, there’s also additional expenses involved. Most people have no idea how much material they are going to need. Items like tackless strips, knee kickers, a carpet stretcher, and a seam roller all can create quite a bit of trouble for you and your budget. When in doubt, it is best to hire a qualified professional to do the work for you.

What our Carpet Installers in Atlanta Georgia Do

Residential Carpet Installation Atlanta Georgia

Pre-Installation of Carpeting

Our experienced carpet installers will first take measurements of the room(s) in which you want carpeting. After that, we get to work on cleaning the subfloor to be sure that the surface is nice and smooth. We’ll then remove any obstacles (doors, baseboards, etc.) and get to work on installing the tackles strips. These will ensure that there isn’t any slipping of the carpet once everything is set in place. After those are installed properly, we install the carpet pad and staple any seams together to allow for a nice smooth and finished look.

Installing the Carpet

After all of the prep work is squared away, our installers will trim the material to size, using state-of-the art tools to ensure accurate measurements. We’ll then lay out the carpet and glue the seams together where necessary. After we have everything in place, we then stretch the carpet while affixing it to the tackles strips. Again, we trim away any excess material and put everything back in its proper place, leaving you with perfectly laid carpeting.

Don’t Hire a General Handyman to Install Your Carpets!

Commercial Carpet Installation Atlanta Georgia

Have you been in someone’s house where you could tell that they installed the carpet themselves? Seams are coming up, baseboards on the walls are loose or missing, and there are long runs in the carpeting itself? Maybe you’ve even seen ripples or spots in the carpet where it appears loose. A lot of times, it isn’t the homeowner’s fault.

What we find happens in a lot of cases is that the homeowner hires a handyman from the want ads to install his or her carpets. After all, it seems like an easy job, right? Wrong. It takes a skilled professional to ensure that your carpet installation looks great for years to come.

Don’t trust just anyone to do it right, especially not the first time. Trust us to do it right. Every time.